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Garry on BallbustingWorld - Honor May - Hostile Takeover - Ball Abuse
22 Apr, 2021

took to work. Thanks for your reque...
emilek on BallbustingWorld - Honor May - Hostile Takeover - Ball Abuse
22 Apr, 2021

Hey Garry, yes the file is working...
Garry on The English Mansion - Madam Esmeralda - Cruel To Be Kind - Part 1 - Femdom
21 Apr, 2021

Hello Emilek. I'll try again, the f...
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American Mean Girls - Princess Mia - Your Purpose In life Is To Make Me Money! (1080 HD) - Ball Abuse

American Mean Girls - Princess Mia - Your Purpose In life Is To Make Me Money! (1080 HD) - Ball Abuse

In general I would like the tone to be angry. Scolding, pissed off. Lots of...

“I’m talking” and “Shut up!”

Like the fat loser that Mia owns keeps interrupts and Mia says “I’m talking” and then just stares at him, for 4 or 5 seconds.  Then "Do you want to get ball kicked? Do you?? Then shut the fuck up you stupid fat freak and make me MORE MONEY!!!"
A lot of spitting in his face, face slaps, etc..

So the drama would be this. Mia has repeatedly asked the fat chastity-loser that she owns to pick up extra shifts and OT at work for Mia to take 100% of the $$$ from him.  The loser has had no luck. 

Princess Mia yells at him about how she wants extra shifts and OT for him, and he tries to explain he has but his boss, a women, does not give him any.

Mia says "Tell her your keyholder wants more and you need the extra hours!!  Literally BEG her! Offer to be a content-slave for her only fans or something!!"

Lots of the chastity slave trying to interrupt, and then Mia says "SHUT UP!!  That’s back talk! I told you to quit the back talk!" and she slaps him!

Mia then tells her fat money-pig that if he cant get extra shifts she will have no choice but to increase ball kicking video production for her only fans.

So Mia decides that every time he comes home from work (instead of STAYING there and working another shift!) then she will just use him as HER "content-slave" for her ballkicking videos on her websites!!  So he can either KEEP working for her 24/7- or come home and have his balls kicked in and recorded for her profit!  It is his choice.  She decides to give him a taste of it, and makes him lay down on his back and starts digging the stiletto heel of her shoe deep into his balls while filming it for her OF content and talking to her fans as she films it on her phone...
Mia digs her heel in sooo deep that the chastity slave BEGS for mercy and decides that he would LOVE to work back-to-back shifts for his Princess Keyholder Mia (with only brief naps in-between) so he can earn money for her 24/7...

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