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Angela's Financial Domination

footworship Holy Fuck! It seems like Angela perfectly knows about the power of her feet from now! Should this makes us happy? That was a very long day shopping for x-mas and it seems like Angela needs some extra cash just to please herself! If I don't personally take care of myself? Who will? Santa Claus? She knocks at the door and begin to tease this loser slave to know how much cash he would be ready to pay just to smell her precious feet! My feet are actually really sweaty and they should be very smelly! You should take a guess! Angela gives him the right to remove her shoes and smell her perfect feet after he gave her a hundred dollar! Does it smell like a hundred bucks slave? Smell my feet now! This is your money! She rubs them all over his face while counting her bills! The slave is going crazy about her sexy feet so he really wants to lick them! Hey? Don't you think it's free? She makes him spit all the twenty dollar bills that he saved for x-mas! Lick and suck all the dirt in between each of my toes now so I can go back shopping! You're so funny! I'll come back for sure! Happy Holidays! wmv 1440*1080 306 mb 6 min Download
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