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Ballbusting Beauties - Andrea Rosu - Corporate Sabotage - Hard Evidence - Ball Abuse

Ballbusting Beauties - Andrea Rosu - Corporate Sabotage - Hard Evidence - Ball Abuse
A journalist has snuck into the BBB Corporation's headquarters and has made it to the top floor. Looking for hard evidence about their rumored use of male slaves for free labor, he makes his way into the CFO's office to see their accounting books. A folder left on the table contains all of the evidence that he needs but just as he is about to make his way out, the CFO, Andrea Rosu, walks into her office. Immediately she questions what he is doing in her office and why she has never seen him before. Fearing what will happen if his cover is blown, he quickly lies and says that he was just brought on a slave and was simply in her office to clean up. However, Andrea knows that if his story is true, he must obey all of her commands and that he has been put through the initial training process. Putting him a couple basic positions, she kicks him in the balls with her strong legs hard enough that any imposter would have tapped out for good. But he is dedicated to uncovering their secrets and endures the brutal assault on his testicles. She orders him down onto his knees to kiss her feet and makes him strip out of his pants. Using her sharp, shiny black high heels she busts his bare balls until she is satisfied that there is no way he could be lying....This clip is a prequel to the scene "Corporate Sabotage"

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