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Ballbusting Beauties - Penelope Dreadful - Boot Loving Loser - Ball Abuse

Ballbusting Beauties - Penelope Dreadful - Boot Loving Loser - Ball Abuse
Penelope Dreadful has a loser in front of her who wants nothing more than to be able to hump her gorgeous custom leather boots.  Grabbing him by the back of the head, she shoves his face down to her feet, taunting him by making him taste and smell the leather before the real fun.  Permission to hump a goddess's boots is not granted lightly, and Penelope informs the slave that he will have to endure a vicious ballbusting to receive the reward.  Wisely, he agrees to spread his legs and let her crush his balls into his pelvis with kick after kick from her beautiful boots that he so desires to rub his cock all over.  After stripping him out of his pants, her strikes land in his groin with a resounding POP!  Following the brutal ballbusting that leaves his balls bruised and swollen, Goddess Penelope now in a fantastic mood graciously gives the loser the reward he wanted to badly, to hump her sexy boots!

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