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Lovejasminemendez on The Queendom - Andrea Rosu's Workout Buddy (1080 HD) - Face Sitting
30 Nov, 2020

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29 Nov, 2020

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Beautiful Girls - First She Wants You To Use Your Tongue To Get Some Of The Dirt Off While They Are Still On Her Sweaty Feet

Beautiful Girls - First She Wants You To Use Your Tongue To Get Some Of The Dirt Off While They Are Still On Her Sweaty Feet

It’s the first week of spring weather i and Mistress Betty uses the warmth to make a special stinky treat for you. She has been wearing the same socks all week long inside of her combat boots so that they are perfectly dirty and smelly. She unzips her combat boots, waves the formerly white socks in your face, and starts talking about how you are going to smell and clean them for her. First she wants you to use your tongue to get some of the dirt off while they are still on her sweaty feet. Next she wants to rub the smelly socks on your face, making you inhale all of her musky odor. When she is satisfied with having subjected you to smell of her socks this way Betty slides them off of her feet so that she can shove one deep inside of your mouth and press the other one up against your nose so that you are completely enveloped in her sweaty funky socks odor. She pulls them off your face for a moment to comment, to laugh, at how a sock sniffer like you is getting hard from being used as her sock smelling slave. She waves the socks in front of your face enjoying, feeding off of, your reactions to her dirty socks.

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