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Becky Checks Your Diapers for Naughty Messes

Becky Checks Your Diapers for Naughty Messes

"How hilarious. You've been complaining that u 'Hate Becky!' and 'Becky's the Meanest Sitter Ever!' and that u don't want Becky changing your diapers anymore because of the way she teases u! Awww. Poor baybee! If all that's true, little man, if I'm so mean and u hate me so much, how come u always make humpies your diapers after I powder u, lotion u n diaper u? Hmm? And why isyour face all red right now? Did u do something extra-naughty in your diapers after Becky rubbed the diapey rash ointment all over your bottom and your widdle peepster? Does Becky need to checkyour diaper right now 2 embarrass u? Should I reach my finger into your diapers? Are u gonna confess what u did? Or maybe should I call mommy so SHE can discover the mess u made, u little fibber..." IMAGINE having a bossy big sis, a bratty step-d or a sarcastic ex-girlfriend who sits 4 u and diapers u, with humiliating consequences! That's Becky. She checks your diapers, makes fun of your baybee boner, bounces her boobies in your face and teases u to tears: sticking her tongue out at u, pointing and laughing at u, sucking her thumb at u, and doing a potty dance 2 make fun of u, until you make a humiliating #3 mess in your diapers! HA HA! Because Becky makes the rules and little mister pamper-butt makes the drool -- for Becky! 12 humiliating minutes of taunting and diaper dork teasing.

Keywords: Adult Diapers, Teasing, Humiliating

268 mb
12 min

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