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emilek on Goddess Slaverna - Session 13 - Whipping and Caning
24 Jan, 2021

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23 Jan, 2021

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emilek on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
19 Jan, 2021

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Bella's Wrestling World - CMX-BSF-03 Bella's Sadistic Fantasy - Raven's Sexual Edition (720 HD) - Face Sitting

Bella's Wrestling World - CMX-BSF-03 Bella's Sadistic Fantasy - Raven's Sexual Edition (720 HD)

Bella is at the controls again in this series directing and guiding, Raven Wild this time. This allows Bella to be sadistic and mean, all the while get turned on by seeing exactly what she wants, so she hires Raven for this clip. As Raven and chad are ready for the count, once Bella hits three, Raven literally jumps at chadam and nearly body slams him to the mats. Raven slides up securing his arms then begins facesitting him. Bella moves in for a closer look, instructing Raven to lean back and put more weight down onto his face. As he taps, Raven asks Bella, “do I let him breathe?” Bella told her “no, make him fight for it”. As chadam struggles for air, Bella said I want you to be mean as Raven says back fine I won’t let him go. Bella then really goes in for a close look seeing chadam’s face rammed in Raven’s pussy, as she suffocates him. It was evident that Raven was enjoying him struggle under her, as it pleasured her. Raven then asks Bella ” is this supposed to feel really really good?” Bella retorts back saying “I hope so”. Raven gets comfortable on his face while Bella says “I hope its getting you off, because it’s getting me off now”. Raven was then told by Bella ti turn and do a reverse facesit now, and she told Raven to shake and grind her ass all over his face, then bounce on it. Bella and Raven were both becoming sexually aroused the more punishment they dished out. Bella kept giving commands to Raven to do to Chadam all the while he was being verbally trashed. His face takes quite a bashing from being trapped in Raven’s ass as she jumps, grinds and uses his face to get off on, all the while Bella looking on with sheer excitement. After quite a bit of breath depriving facesitting, Bella told Raven that if he wants air, he has to slap and grab her ass. This was something that really got both of them hot and bothered as each time he slapped and grabbed Raven’s ass, it was getting redder and redder. Raven turns back into forward and facesits chadam again. Raven was so into the facesitting and burying his face deep into her crotch, that he went into panic mode a few times needing air, as she was enjoying it so much she forgot to let him breathe. She also uses full weight to grind down even harder on his face. Bella kept shouting out things to do to him, just so she can get off on watching him suffer. Raven flips into reverse, and grabs a handful of his hair pulling his face amazingly deep into her ass as she literally fucks his face now. She pinches his nipples so he would scream into her crotch and ass, as she was practically orgasming, her ass cheeks trembling as he hits her clit ample times with his nose buried. Raven could barely contain herself as her legs were shaking, her sexual urges overflowing now onto his face. With Bella coaching and guiding Raven, both girls were overcome with excitement, and Raven transitions back into forward. Bella tells Raven to spit on him, she missed twice but decided to wipe it all over his face instead. As the end was near, Raven was still trembling as she was very sexually charged up, she looks down at his face, and he went out. Bella said I think he’s out, as she slowly climbs off grabbing her pussy. Both girls then thank one another, as Bella said ” I am going to play this back again tonight”. Chadam was left on the mats, both girls with huge smiles on their faces knowing they did a superior job of dominating and humiliating chadam.

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