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Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy And Lola - Four Menstruation And Pee Scenes (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy And Lola - Four Menstruation And Pee Scenes (1080 HD)

This clip consists of four short scenes. All four scenes contain both Amadahy and Lola. In two of the scenes they are menstruating together, and in two they are not. In the first scene, Amadahy and Lola share side by side toilet slaves, as though they are in a bathroom stall. Both Amadahy and Lola have their periods. The girls complain to each other about how uncomfortable their periods are making them. After peeing in the human toilets, the girls decide that their tampons need to be changed. They put the old, saturated tampons into one of the human toilet’s mouths. They leave the tampons in the slave’s mouth and walk off. The second and third scenes were filmed on a different day, and the moon sisters do not have their periods. In both the second and third scenes the girls share a single human toilet. I’ve included scenes 2 as a bonus. It is an excerpt from "Ashtray Drinks Glass of Spit before Two Bladders of Pee". In the fourth scene, the girls’ periods are back. They use side by side toilet slaves again, as though in a bathroom stall. Both girls pee a lot in this scene. Lola’s stall has run out of toilet paper and she asks Amadahy if she can, "spare a square". Amadahy stuffs her old tampon into her toilet’s mouth. Just then, Lola realizes that she thought her period was over, but it came back. She has bled all over her toilets neck and directly into its mouth. The girls decide to play with the menstrual blood. Lola draws a heart on the chest of Amadahy’s human toilet with her menstrual blood. Amadahy has had strep throat recently. She clears a lot of the phlegm from the back of her throat, and spits a great big gob into the center of the menstrual blood heart on the slave’s chest.

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12 min

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