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Bullwhip Sonata


"In my latest composition of cruelty, The Young Asian Goddess Katamura employs not one, but two cold blooded single tail whips to offer her gift of exquisite pain and suffering to her privileged slave. This is perhaps her finest masterpiece of sadomasochistic persecution, as I rain down a vicious torrent of whip strikes on my helpless captive, until he is quivering, screaming, and begging for a reprieve from his Goddess.

Goddess Katamura is relentless and calculating, with the precision of a surgeon, as each strike rips through his flesh like a hot knife through butter. I offer only a brief postponement of his suffering, for the occasional slap or spit to his face. He has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from Goddesses deadly whips. As it should be. Tonight, I will surely own this new slave."

The Goddess Katamura

110 mb
10 min


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