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CFNMTV - Humiliated for money - Ivan and Stan - Part 2-4 - CFNM

CFNMTV - Humiliated for money - Ivan and Stan - Part 2-4 - CFNM

The excited girls have stripped their first potential candidate and are now washing him down to make sure he’s nice and clean for them. They soap up his naked body and are careful to get into every nook and cranny. Their ministrations must be driving their Ivan wild with lust. But he’s not allowed to touch the women unless they say so – he is purely there for their pleasure.

Vitas doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. One minute the women are all over him, the next they are punishing him. It’s all very bewildering for the simple lad! But Carla and Roxy are enjoying themselves immensely and have no regard for their captive’s feelings. As they tug relentlessly on his cock he realises they won’t let him go until they’ve got everything they want from him.

Ivan and Stan are being treated as casual sex objects by the women conducting the “audition”. Every inch of their unclothed bodies is being explored and judged. If they are very lucky, and the women see fit, they may be allowed some release at the end of it.

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