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Cindis Pathethic Cuck

Cindis Pathethic Cuck

Princess Cindi is determined to look hot for her boyfriend’s birthday. She is taking her boyfriend out to an expensive nightclub along with all her friends AND his friends later on that night- and she wants to look her best for him. Her pathetic bondman is busy trying to make his princess look absolutely stunning for her man while Princess Cindi’s boyfriend relaxes downstairs and watches sports with his friends. The slave helps Cindi try on various clubbing dresses to see which one she looks best in. After each dress she tries on, Princess Cindi asks her slave “Do you think my boyfriend will like this?” Each time she tries on a new dress and new shoes, the slave has to kiss her shoes and then her gold watch to show his adoration of her.
When she decides which outfit looks the best for her man, she makes the slave spray her hair with hairspray and then decides it would be funny to make the slave swallow some of the hairspray while she films the disgusting act on her phone. “What a pathetic freak! Who the fuck swallows HAIRSPRY LOL. You are literally the most pathetic fool I’ve ever met in my life! This is going straight on Instagram” she says in disgust and laughter as she sprays in his mouth and makes him kiss the bottle. Next, she makes the slave give a quick polish to her beautiful gold watch, “My boyfriend likes my jewelry to sparkle, so get it clean for him!” “Oh and by the way, tomorrow when we go to the mall I want u to buy my boyfriend a gold watch as well so we can have matching watches”, Princess Cindi informs the slave like a true brat while he is polishing her watch. The slave tries to protest saying he cant afford it but Princess Cindi gets angry and says “My boyfriend is so much better and younger than you, he deserves it- so you’re going to buy it for him!!!”, the slave eventually agrees because he has no choice. He knows Cindi will get rid of him if he doesn't do EVERYTHING she orders him to. Even if it means serving her boyfriend and buying HIM things too.

After her watch is polished to her standards, Princess Cindi wants her boyfriend’s SHOES to be clean for the club tonight too, so she has the slave go and fetch his shoes and she then proceeds to WIPE THE BOTTOM OF HER BOYFRIEND'S SHOES OFF ON HER SLAVE'S TONGUE! The slave winces in disgust while she wipes her boyfriends shoe soles hard on his tongue over and over, saying “You are such a loser, my boyfriend is relaxing downstairs like a REAL man should- while U lick the soles of his shoes clean hahaha!!!” She tells him he will ALSO be doing the same thing to all her boyfriend’s FRIEND'S shoes too! AND her girlfriend’s shoes as well- AFTER they all get back from clubbing all night! AND that he will be serving as an ASHTRAY later on for herself AND even her boyfriend too, as it is HIS special night! The slave is horrified but he knows he has to agree to everything.

Princess Cindi goes back to the mirror to do some final touches on her makeup while the slave licks and kisses her shoes. Princess Cindi laughs and comments “Ah, its sooo good being beautiful and rich with a hot boyfriend, I can’t imagine being a loser like you”. The slave has been completely broken down at this point, when Cindi says “Ok that’s enough on my shoes, go downstairs like a good little faggot and see if my man and his friends need more beers”, the slave then kisses his princess’s shoes, and runs downstairs to cater to her boyfriend...

Keywords: Humiliation, Princess Cindi, footfetish

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