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Kngg on Sadurnus - Ariel's red high heels! - Trampling
08 Mar, 2021

Thanks man, I'm waiting for them. Y...
Garry on Sadurnus - Ariel's red high heels! - Trampling
07 Mar, 2021

I will try to add it in the near fu...
Terry on Mistress T - Fetish Fuckery - Politician Exposed As A Cocksucking Shemale Fan
07 Mar, 2021

It is so hot to watch Mistress Alex...

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Club Stiletto - Feet and Ass for Trampled slave - Trampling

Club Stiletto - Feet and Ass for Trampled slave - Trampling Goddess Amelia has a huge ass but she doesn't only like face sitting slaves, she enjoys other things like trampling, as well. As this scene opens she is walking on her slaves stomach and chest. She bounces on him only to stop and have him suck on her toes when she sticks her foot in his mouth. Naturally she can't resist but hop off and sit on his face for a bit but then she is back trampling him. She then moves to standing on his head with both feet. The slave struggles under her weight. she moves back onto his chest and again sticks a foot in his mouth. Now while holding herself up from the suspension apparatus she starts to jump on him. Then back to sitting on his face. She wiggles her ass on his face and says her ass is so big that it gets really sweaty. "Can you taste my ass crack sweat" she asks him as his tongue works to get into her hole. Again she gets up and shows the slave how she likes to dance, he is now her dance floor. A close up of her armpits and you can see those are sweaty too. Now she walks up and down his body and even his legs and cock before sticking a foot into his mouth one more time. "Suck it" she tells him.

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