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Club Stiletto - Gassy Big Butt Face Sitter Ava Savage

Club Stiletto - Gassy Big Butt Face Sitter Ava Savage
Gorgeous MILF Domina Ava Savage is relaxing on her slaves face. Her beautiful booty and big breasts along with her cruel outlook make her a Woman any submissive man longs to suffer for. She explains that she is training this slave to go long periods of time without breathing as she finds it annoying always having to move if just trying to relax and watch a movie or TV show. As it turns out Ava is also gassy so the slave gets something extra in this scene. "We ate lots of Mexican food, beans, and drank tequila" she tells the slave, lifting up to blow the first fart right into his face, just as he gasps to breath. She squeaks out a shorter fart and crushes it into the slaves face. It's rank and the slave kicks at the noxious odor and even Ava has to wave her hand in front of her face from the smell. "Fuck that's bad" she says. Ava is on the edge with her farts and tells the slave if she makes a mess in her panties and pants it will be his job to clean things up... with his mouth.She turns into a reverse position and a wet fart escapes just before she sits back down on the slave. She finds the slave disgusting seeing his erection and knowing it's because he gets turned on being farted on. She spits on him and then rubs her stomach and says "I have another one cooking." She lets out a triple fart and she totally breaks up laughing knowing her slave is literally swimming in her gas. "I know I'm horrible but I'm not done" she tells him. She sits firmly on his face but then lifts up to blow yet another fart. She calls him a pathetic fuck and tells him that's what he deserves. Ava now leans forward and wraps her legs around the slaves head in a scissor position. As she pulls him towards her ass she lets out the wettest fart yet. The slaves nose is right in her crack and even though it turns him on the smell literally makes his eyes water. She slaps his balls and tells him that is how Domina Ava Savage plays. She sits up and does the splits on his face. This time she isn't getting up and just laughs seeing him kick for all he is worth.
Club Stiletto - Gassy Big Butt Face Sitter Ava Savage
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