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Lovejasminemendez on The Queendom - Andrea Rosu's Workout Buddy (1080 HD) - Face Sitting
30 Nov, 2020

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29 Nov, 2020

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Club Stiletto - Get Familiar with My Ass, toilet slave - Face Sitting

Club Stiletto - Get Familiar with My Ass, toilet slave - Face Sitting

Goddess Kelli is dressing down the dumb slave who was brought to her by Mistress C to see if he is worth her while… that and Kelli just loves intimating timid men and using her big fat ass as a weapon against them. Kelli explains that she is going to give him harsh breath play under her ass and after spitting in his face asks him if he is worthy of it. The foolish slave says “Yes Mistress.” She scolds him, slaps his face and then brings her body over his, wiggling her ass over his face. She then sits up and the slaves face almost disappears in the crack of her ass. If you like mean, physically and verbally intimidating women, you will love Goddess Kelli. She doesn’t want the slave to react to anything or even move.

She now starts bouncing on the slaves face and calls him a fucking toilet. “I will use you anytime, I will sch1it on you, you will be my human fucking toilet paper, I will piss on you and you will lick all of it up, and drink it like it’s a fine wine.” Next she gets up to apply nipple clamps to the slave, she wants to be sure he is suffering as much as possible. He lets out a puff of breath from the first clamp and she tells him no breathing. She spits on him again and then several times and rubs her spit into his face, telling him it’s a fine lotion. He reacts when she spits again and she slaps him and says “Don’t flinch when I spit on you, scum.” Just then Mistress C walks back into the room to see how things are progressing. Kelli tells her, “He has potential but he definitely needs work.” Between these two cruel women, he will be the perfect slave in no time assuredly.

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