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Club Stiletto - Locked up to LICK and be Her TOILET - Goddess Amelia - Oral Servitude

Club Stiletto - Locked up to LICK and be Her TOILET - Goddess Amelia - Oral Servitude Goddess Amelia has her slave locked in the cage with only his head sticking out as she'll need that for some ass stimulation. As the scene opens she is playing with her pussy. She looks down at her slave and asks "Are you enjoying the view?" When he says he is she tells him she is going to put her asshole on his face as she needs a good rimming. She shifts forward calling him a dirty little toilet bitch and positions herself so he can get his tongue on her pretty pink dirty hole. As he licks and tongues her she continues to play with her pussy. She then gets up and turns around so her ass is now on his face. She tells him she expects a very deep rimming. She rotates back and forth from sitting on his face to bouncing on it. She really enjoys the pleasure and when she sits back full weight she comments that it must be horribly uncomfortable for him but she's so wet she isn't going to concern herself with his level of comfort. Amelia tells him she needs the schl1t on her ass licked up because her lover is coming over. The slave just one room over will be able to listen to them with her taste on his breath. She again sits full weight and really wiggles her big butt on his face insuring his tongue is deep inside her. Whenever she gets up you can see the slave has his tongue in her hole. After some serious stimulation she tells the slave to open his mouth wide, it's time for his nightly feeding. She looks at the camera and says with a grunt "He loves it."

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