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Club Stiletto - Mia's Nasty thoughts while Her slave Licks Her

Club Stiletto - Mia's Nasty thoughts while Her slave Licks Her
This scene opens with Mia laying on the lounge chair in only panties and a bra and glistening with sweat. She has just finished using her slaves face as her bike seat to work out. She touches her wet armpits and then notices the crotch of her panties is soaking wet. "Fortunately my bike seat can multi task" she says, calling her slave in to lick her clean. Mia has him sniff her crotch and then lick both arm pits but rather than just relax she gets into some hot kink talk about how this slave is used for her, and her friends, pleasure."This slave has no limits, he's afraid to say no" Mia says. Mia pulls up her bra to reveal her sweaty tits but tells the slave he doesn't get those. She pulls back the gusset on her panties to reveal her pussy and says "And you can forget about this too." She tells him, "Even if it's full of cum I'd rather have it drip on the floor and watch you lick it up." She says she might scoop it up with her toes and have him lick it off of them. "Anything that comes from the Mistress should be a thrill for the slave she says. "I could literally blow my nose in his face and he would still get excited" she says as the slave continues to lick her armpit. She then rolls on her side to reveal her ample backside and tells the slave to kiss each cheek once. She then sends him around to lick the other pit. Now Mia gets down to the heart of the matter, the slaves real longing, to be her full toilet. "He'd be happy just to live under my toilet box, never knowing if it's me using him or someone else." She then gets into talking about neighbors she invites over to use the slave as a toilet and some of the nasty stuff that occurs. Sexy Mia and some sizzling kinky talk, you'll love this one.
Club Stiletto - Mia's Nasty thoughts while Her slave Licks Her
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