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Club Stiletto - Stroke Off in the Forest - Mistress Mercy and Princess Mia

Club Stiletto - Stroke Off in the Forest - Mistress Mercy and Princess Mia
This scene opens with three slaves laying on the forest floor stroking their dicks. Mistress Mercy and Princess Mia had sent them out into the yard to do work and the dumb sluts thought they could just wander a little further into the woods and no one would be the wiser. "They'll never find us here" one slave says and within seconds Mercy and Mia appear.  Busted! The slaves are shocked and the Mistresses repulsed. Mia says she knew they were gay. Mercy slaps their balls and then Mia makes the slaves hold hands while beating off. One slave asks how they found them and they told them that they had secretly been fitted with tracking devices. They were doomed from the start. After some stepping on the slaves and kicking them a bit they decide to let them continue rubbing themselves while they sit on their faces. They decide to have a contest and let one cum and since one slave is soft as a noodle and has no chance they decide the winner will sit on his face after blowing his load. Mercy farts on one of the slaves faces.  Mia stays on the same slave as he is showing signs of being able to cum. Mercy moves from one slave to the next, eventually leaving the slave who is going to be face sat on his own. The girls bounce on the slaves faces to help them out and soon, as predicted, Mia's slave says he has to cum and he shoots a big nasty load. He is then ordered up and told to sit on the other slaves face. These slaves will think twice about sneaking off to touch themselves again, although permanent chastity might be the best bet.
Club Stiletto - Stroke Off in the Forest - Mistress Mercy and Princess Mia
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 1,05 GB | 00:05:53
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