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Kngg on Sadurnus - Ariel's red high heels! - Trampling
08 Mar, 2021

Thanks man, I'm waiting for them. Y...
Garry on Sadurnus - Ariel's red high heels! - Trampling
07 Mar, 2021

I will try to add it in the near fu...
Terry on Mistress T - Fetish Fuckery - Politician Exposed As A Cocksucking Shemale Fan
07 Mar, 2021

It is so hot to watch Mistress Alex...

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Club Stiletto - The Right time to Sit on your face is whenever I want to Sit on your face - Face Sitting & Smothering

Club Stiletto - The Right time to Sit on your face is whenever I want to Sit on your face - Face Sitting & Smothering Mistress T stands over her slave, who lies on the bed. She looks stunning with her tiny corseted waist and big breasts and you get an amazing view of her world-famous ass in the mirror. "It's time for some face-sitting fun," she says. "You know how I love to use your face as a seat; use your mouth for my pleasure." She tells him he's a slave to her ass and when she hovers over his face he attempts to lift his head to lick her ass. She orders him to show some control while she slowly lowers herself onto his face and then sits full weight. "My big voluptuous, juicy ass drives you crazy, doesn't it?" she asks him. She leans forward and tells him to gently lick around her asshole. With his tongue back in his mouth, she's on his face again and shows no mercy. Mistress T stands on the bed above the slave and gives him an amazing view before she sits back down. "I want you to suffer a bit," she tells him before she sits on his face side saddle, which really crushes his nose. It hurts but the slave has a bouncing cock so his arousal is obvious. "Getting my ass sometimes means pain," she tells him. She rocks on his face and the slave groans in pain. She finally gets off and lies on his chest so he can now easily eat her asshole. She resumes full weight-face sitting and extends her sexy legs in front of her. She lifts her arms to show the sexy lines from her armpits to her breasts. She tells the slave that if he wants air he'll have to lift her. He struggles to get her up and earns only a pinch of air before she shifts and sits on him again, full weight. She grabs his hands so he can't lift her. "How intimate," she says, while the slave kicks below her. She takes him to the limit and when he completely reaches his breaking point she rolls off him and demands that he get his tongue back in her ass that second. The slave sucks air but still manages to get his tongue deep inside her.

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