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Henrik on Danish Femdom - Miss sofies fantasies - Femdom
15 May, 2021

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Club Stiletto - You are your Female Boss's Ass LICKER - Oral Servitude

Club Stiletto - You are your Female Boss's Ass LICKER - Oral Servitude

T is in her office and stroking her asslickers face saying how nice it is to have him there while she does her office work. "This is our little secret of course" she reminds him, hiking up her skirt, pulling down her stockings and sitting on his face. "Clean that ass" she tells him as she leans forward and starts typing but not for long because she really has to sit and bounce on his face to get maximum pleasure... and what a view for you. T then brings her legs up onto the bench and rests her hands on the desk so she can shift around better for the best deep rimming possible. The camera angle then moves behind her so you can really see the slaves tongue working her hole. T is enjoying it so much she isn't getting any work done but no problem her slave will do doing that when his licking work is complete.

The scene now rolls over to the staff room where you get a close up of T just as Bijou walks in to get water from the cooler. She comments on T's short skirt saying "Isn't that skirt a little short for the office?" T says it's just perfect and the camera moves back and you can see her skirt is so short you can see her pussy. Bijou fills her class and as T moves around Bijou suddenly spots something, T's office boy is back at it deep tonguing her dirty asshole again. "Oh my gawd" Bijou says asking who the guy is and then recognizing him as the guy that the two of them had talked about some days ago. The way he lurked around and frothed at the mouth they knew he was some sort of pervert. Bijou decides to sit down and watch. She comments how depraved he seems and how eagerly he is eating her ass. Bijou tells the dude to sniff T's ass good and deep. "Did you wipe your ass after using the toilet?" Bijou asks T and she says she never does anymore. T then offers to lend the asslicker to Bijou and they agree that he will go to her house on Sunday. "Men should always serve women, that's their place" T says. They both look up at you and smile.

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00:07:43 min

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