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ClubStiletto - 6 Months Between Orgasms - Urethral Sounds

ClubStiletto - 6 Months Between Orgasms - Urethral Sounds

A patient waits patiently in the Doctors office anxious having to explain why he is there. When she comes in she tells him to explain his problem. He decides just to come out with it and explains he's been in chastity for 6 months and his balls are sore. "I haven't had an orgasm in 6 months and I don't think things work down there anymore" he explains. She tells him to lay down and she will have a look. She touches his balls and says they don't appear to be swollen. She starts to poke them and squeeze them which makes him moan. She asks why he was in chastity and he says his Mistress put him in chastity. "I see, so you're a bit kinky" she says and he admits he is. "Are my big tits and latex turning you on?" she asks him. When he admits they are she starts to slap his balls and tells him he will have to keep their activities a secret as she would hate to lose her license. He promises not to tell anyone and she then starts to slap, squeeze and pull on his balls.

She says "You haven't cum in 6 months and you weren't smart enough to figure out what the problem was?", slapping his balls again as she knows darn well someone else in the kink community suggest he see this particular Doctor because of her unorthodox style of treatment. She asks him if this is the case and he admits that's the case. "I always give special treatment to my patience" she tells him and then pulls out her case with sounding tools. He asks what they are and she explains in this clinic there are no safe words and she will be sticking these in his dick to relieve some pressure. As she slides the first instrument inside him she tells him to fantasize about her pussy and also mentions the chief surgeon just finished fucking her. "I gave his cock a little different treatment than you're going to get", she adds. Now it's time for the slave to tale a bigger sound and she pulls out one that is huge. The slave is rock hard and she glides it deep inside him. She slaps, tugs and pulls on his balls and finally tells him to touch himself. She then explains that what he needs is a good orgasm and then he can be locked away for another 6 months. Just as he's about to cum she explains to him that the clinic fee for an orgasm is $500. The slave is desperate and agrees to pay. She makes him stop and start and finally when he is on the verge of losing his mind she lets him blow his load. The sound and his cum fly across the room. She gives him two minutes to leave the room and settle his bill at the front counter.

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