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ClubStiletto - Bathe in My Ass - Miss Jasmine - Face Sitting

ClubStiletto - Bathe in My Ass - Miss Jasmine - Face Sitting

Gorgeous Miss Jasmine is getting a soothing back massage from her favorite house boy. She says that only a few get such a privilege, to actually be in the tub with her, but she likes them to know there are rewards for hard work and dedication. There is a chance it might also be a trick though, lol. Soon she tells the bitch she wants her legs massaged and has him get between them. She stands up to move and gives you an amazing view of her delicious plump ass. As the slave starts to rub her legs she wraps them around his neck and pushes him under the water.

She releases him only to stand up again and this time sit on his head. First his head is above water so the view of her ass crushing his face is amazing. "You can't complain when your face is buried between my ass cheeks" she tells him, even as he kicks for air. She continues sitting on his head which is against the hard ceramic back of the tub and she asks "Is he learning how to swim?" as he kicks his legs frantically. She really grinds her ass into his face and then takes him by the hair and pulls him completely under the water, sitting full weight on his head. The slave kicks so frantically he almost empties the tub. Miss Jasmine laughs with delight. What fun!

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