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Clubstiletto - Butt Drops and Breath Play - Mistress Irene - Face Sitting

Clubstiletto - Butt Drops and Breath Play - Mistress Irene - Face Sitting

Mistress Irene has an insane big, beautiful ass. As this scene opens Irene has her ass on her slaves face and says she is trying to toughen it up. “Maybe I’ll even be able to trample it with these stilettos” she says. She says she will lend him out to her girlfriends once he meet her standards. She now decides to test his limits by sitting full weight on his face. Her ass just envelopes his head and looks amazing. Go ahead have a kiss. After a lengthy sit she switches to bouncing up and down on his head. just because. “Does that feel like a boxing glove to your face?” she asks him.

She then turns around into a forward facing position and her feet on the ground. She slams down on his face and then gets up again and does it again and again. His face is well tenderized by now so she decides to just sit down and relax. She lifts her arms up and comments how sweaty she is and that someone will have to lick that up. Maybe you? After a long sit, she decides to sit back down on the chair and since you aren’t there she has this slave lick her pits. “Long licks up and down” she tells him and then she makes him crawl to do the other one. “I’m too nice to these slaves” she says.

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08 Apr 2020

Hey Garry,
it’s been so long since my last message/request.
I found some clips but unfortunately I can’t find any good. I think the good times of Femdom passed away.
Anyway would like to say Happy Easter and health, especially now, and thanks for all of these updates.

I will post these clips I found and you will decide to post them or not.
Be well!

    08 Apr 2020

    Hi Emilek.
    I remember about your birthday, but I also had very bad events in my life in those days and I had no desire. So now, first of all, I wish you to be healthy and safe.

    From the clips, of course I would like to see them at home too. But it will be a shame to me that your efforts will merge the leechers into resources. Therefore, I can try to get them myself and publish them myself.

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