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ClubStiletto - I Love to Ride My Bicycle - Mistress Irene - Face Sitting

ClubStiletto - I Love to Ride My Bicycle - Mistress Irene - Face Sitting

The scene opens with Mistress Irene talking to the camera while riding her stationary bike. “Do you think I keep my ass this magnificent by not working at it” she says. As the camera pulls back we see she has a special bike seat, her slaves head. She explains it makes the workout so much more exciting when she knows her slave is fighting for air under her. You can see that her ass is really crushing the sluts face and after sitting on him for over a minute when she gets up you can see the pain on the slaves face. She asks him if he’s enjoying himself and he naturally says that he is. Oh good, here comes her ass again.

“I know my ass is punishing but it’s a small price to pay” she tells him. As she peddles you can see how each ass cheek presses into the slaves face. She only gives him rare and brief opportunities to breath but when she does she tells him to sniff her sweaty crack. She talks about how she sometimes lets him lick her entire sweaty body. except her pussy of course. Deciding it’s not fair that she does all the work and he’s just laying there she tells him to do leg lifts as she would like to see him do something about his flabby waist. Nice upward angles give you a full view of Irene’s ass. Eventually sweating beyond being.

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