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William on Mistress April - Slaves morning duties - Human Toilet
15 Oct, 2021

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emilek on Sissy Manor, Academy Medical, Part 1 - Femdom
10 Oct, 2021

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ClubStiletto - Little man Destroyed between Her legs - Mistress Irene - Scissor

ClubStiletto - Little man Destroyed between Her legs - Mistress Irene - Scissor

Mistress Irene has her scrawny small dicked slave on the ground with her arms wrapped around his neck. She explains that he suggested he might be able to beat her in a wrestling match because he used to be on the high school wresting team back when he was a school boy, like 100 years ago. Now he gets to see how tough he still is as she throws him to the ground like a wet rag and quickly gets his head between her thighs. He soon realizes that her powerful legs are too much for him. He tries to kick lose but she shifts so she is now sitting on his face. Her big ass just swallows his head until she leans forward and again gets his head into a scissor hold. His face is beet red. He tries to pry them lose with his hands but it's hopeless.

Irene now sits on the floor and quickly pulls the little mans head between her legs again. She pats his head and asks you "Don't you wish this was your head?" The poor slave is hacking and grunting and likely thinking things can't worse until she grabs his arm and pulls it backwards martial arts style. No tapping out for this competitor. The slave starts to whimper, poor thing, but Irene doesn't care, she pops up and sits on his chest and again wraps her legs completely around his head. She then extends her legs and with his head between them it now looks like a watermelon about to explode. When he tries to move an arm or leg she just pulls on it and gets him in a more distorted and uncomfortable position. Soon she is back on his chest and while squeezing his head with her legs squeezes her tits with her hands to torment him even further. Through this whole scene Irene is very active, moving into different positions but always sitting on his face or having her legs wrapped around his neck. She literally destroys him.

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