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15 Oct, 2021

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10 Oct, 2021

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ClubStiletto - Locked In Her Fart Box - Farting

ClubStiletto - Locked In Her Fart Box - Farting

Miss Raevyn has her slave locked in her toilet box. A funnel at the top leads right to the slaves mouth so he can be a urinal without any mess but today she is going to make him her full toilet so she removes the funnel so there is a larger hole to relieve herself. When she removes it you see the slaves head inside with his mouth wide open ready to take whatever she gives him. It could be spit or piss or a chocolate treat. "I've kept him hungry all day" she says. She stands up and removes her panties, leaning right over the opening to titillate the slave. "Can you see my ass, are you hungry?" she asks. "Yes" he replies. Once the panties are off she shows off her ass to the slave and the camera before sitting down. She tells the slave he will probably get some farts first. She seals the hole with her ass and says after she uses him she likes to put the cover on the box and leave the slave inside for hours to just marinate in the stink with a big hard on. "He loves it, he's a natural born toilet" she says as she sets her feet on his chest and gets comfortable.

She announces that her first fart is about to happen and once she farts she will seal the hole. The fart is super juicy and after letting you hear it she closes her legs so he gets all of it. The slave gasps inside and then she makes him beg for another. This time she lets out a real rumbler which makes her laugh with delight. Sometimes things don't go as planned when it's toilet time so it's a real thrill when it goes perfectly. "How was that one, it was kind of wet?" she says. She opens up to look at him and gets a smell of it herself and she tells him how he disgusts her. "Once when my boyfriend was over he asked me what that smell is" she says, adding "little did he know this thing was in the closet with his head locked in the box after I had used him as my toilet." Imagine your Mistress making love while your locked in a box with her waste all over you. While she waits to produce another fart, or more, she mentions that sometimes after she expels her candy she makes him masturbate with it, rub it all over his body and use it as his lube. Raevyn gets quite graphic in describing how she uses her pig. Then she blows another fart while the hole is sealed and then another which causes the slave to hack and cough a bit. "It's time" she tells him, "Eat up toilet."

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