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William on Mistress April - Slaves morning duties - Human Toilet
15 Oct, 2021

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10 Oct, 2021

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ClubStiletto - There's No Love Like A Mothers Love (1080 HD) - Mistress Kandy [Ass Worship, Foot Worship]

Let's face it; most boys grow up to be big, dumb, knuckle-draggers. And why is that? Because their role model was their father. Kandy knows that the most important person in a young male's life is his mom, and that's why she's taken Junior under her wing n adopted some of his wayward male friends as well. She knows exactly what they need - harsh discipline, humiliation, and most importantly, utter devotion and servitude to mommy. Today, Junior and his ex-BBF-now-competitor are at Mommy's feet while she soaks up the summer heat. The boys are on all fours while Kandy addresses them, paddle in hand to ensure neither of them slips up in any way. She enjoys making the boys compete, and today she has decided that the loser will be her footstool while the other gets to lick her ass. The 2 competitors display a lot of enthusiasm as they service Kandy's feet. "Daddy paid for a nice vacation away for me" she tells her boys "and I'm thinking of taking one of you with me." The other one will be locked up in a cage and fed from time to time by one of her friends.

Kandy loves the sucking, licking, and suction action on her sexy feet. The boys lick and suck everywhere while using their hands to massage her at the same time. Kandy looks directly at you and asks if you'd like to be one of her boys, because then she'd have triplets. Three is a nice number for daisy chains so she's actually not kidding when she says she might consider you. She has trouble deciding on the winner but ends up choosing her biological son. Junior gets to sniff and lick her ass while the other slave is demoted to footstool duty. He must despise Junior and he promises Kandy he'll do better next time. Kandy talks about the things she likes to have her slaves consume... all the nasty things that go in their mouths and in yours. Junior, meanwhile, makes love to Kandy's ass like it's his first love. and I guess when you think about it, it really is! Now what would daddy think if he knew what mommy had Junior doing? Kandy suggests she might do this all day long, which causes the footstool to let out a low, anguished moan. Poor bitch!

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