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Cocklette Stomp n Grind

Cocklette Stomp n Grind

This loser wanted 2 come over a school girls house n get lightly humiliated... So I smashed his dick on a table repeatedly... Bwahahaha! What a dope!

Oh but first I made him gently kiss my shoe... Followed by cleaning the bottom with his tongue... Followed by my foot shoved so deep in his mouth he gagged on it... Followed by him thanking me, of coarse. Haha!

But then it was time 4 the main event. I told him 2 put that excuse 4 a dick on the table. Then I proceed to literally stomp on it and his balls. I made sure to include stomping, grinding n smashing! oh yea, then I made him kiss my shoes again just to thank me 4 making him cry.

- Empress Jennifer

Keywords: Ballbusting, Humiliation

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14 min

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