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CPL Wrestling - CMX-PA-65 Dangerous Smother Attack (720 HD) - Face Sitting

CPL Wrestling - CMX-PA-65 Dangerous Smother Attack (720 HD) - Face Sitting

Aubrey is one of CPL Wrestling’s youngest wrestlers here at 19 yrs old. Off the mats she appears to be just a normal girl, with a calm demeanor. Once she hits the mats it’s like she flicks a switch and turns sadistically evil. Aubrey has an underlying passion for making males be submissive and will do whatever it takes to get them to that point. Aubrey is lightning fast, has a near inescapable schoolgirl pin and facesit, not to mention she is very powerful. The match begins and Aubrey uses a headlock takedown to subdue chadam then get directly into a facesit. Once he hits the mats, this became a straight up smothering domination match, with no way out for chadam, except for going out. When chadam tapped for air, sometimes she gave it to him, other times she made him fight for it. when he was fighting for it, there were a few times he lost that fight and got KO’d. Aubrey made it extremely difficult for him to get any air, she toyed with his breathing throwing his rhythm off causing him to panic a few times. When she engulfed his face in reverse, his nose was buried deep in her perfectly shaped ass, Aubrey looking back admiring her domination watching him go out. She verbally taunts him throughout the match as he was weakening more and more as the match went on. Aubrey pins him in forward and pulls his arms straight up to her chest, this push pull effect allowed her to apply maximum pressure to his face. You can actually see his face change color when she lifted, seeing that his face was being crushed under her. His futile attempts to escape did not pay off for him. Aubrey kept his face locked tight under her, as she takes every last ounce of his breath away over and over. You can see on her face she shows ZERO remorse, and each time she put him out she just jumped right back on his face to smother him again. She is ruthless. Aubrey at the end grabbed his arms pulled them up to her, and made him fight HARD to get out. He couldn’t, he went out, again. This time though when he came to he panicked, BADLY. He was having issues getting his breath back, asking Aubrey to get off him and he was practically screaming in horror not quite understanding what had happened to him. Sam who was filming, dropped the camera and kept asking if he was ok. The video ends there. Off camera it actually took chadam 10 min to calm down, get his breathing back properly and suffered a major air deprivation headache for hours after. Aubrey’s performance is far better than stellar, and to see such a cute, sexy powerful little goddess destroy him like this is truly a sight to behold. Aubrey didn’t even show remorse after the video. Chadam’s day of filming ended there at the hands of Aubrey.

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