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CPL Wrestling - CPL-WGG-3 White Girl Humiliatrix - Face Sitting

CPL Wrestling - CPL-WGG-3 White Girl Humiliatrix - Face Sitting

Arianne was plotting her well deserved revenge on Lana since their last encounter and the opportunity arose. While Lana was laying down taking a break from shooting, Arianne barged into the room and jumped on top of Lana. She jumps in reverse and facesits Lana, catching her completely off guard. Arianne then takes the pillow and smacks Lana with it in the face, then tosses it on the floor. Arianne rams her ass into Lana’s face telling her to slap her ass hard and make it red, all the while smothering her. Lana was at the mercy of Arianne as she lay there under Arianne’s ass, as she grinds and shakes it all over her face. Arianne is enjoying her time on top humiliating her black nemesis, verbally and physically dominating her. Coerced into it, Lana lay smothered under Arianne’s ass made to grab and enjoy it as she mumbles still laying in shock. Repeatedly Arianne told her what to do, as she was now her prisoner, so Lana had to follow orders to make sure that nothing worse would come about from this. Lana knew her time may come that Arianne would pit her revenge against her, just not this sudden. Arianne moves into forward and gives Lana a dose of her tits slamming and shaking them in her face, while smothering her with them. Arianne then decides to sit up, and slides onto Lana’s face. She begins to ride her face, grinding her pussy down hard, making Lana’s screams completely muffled. Arianne continues face fucking Lana, totally berating and humiliating her making her become her little black submissive slave. After a long while in forward, Arianne decided it was time Lana face her ass yet again for further punishment. She twerks, grinded, and verbally humiliated her, loving every second of it. Lana had no idea what Arianne was truly capable of doing, and she is finding out the hard way. Lana was exhausted after being subjected to non stop humiliation and smothering, Arianne said to her” say Arianne is the best”. That took Lana a few more really good smothers before she finally admitted saying out loud that Arianne was the best. Hopping off the best Arianne looks back at Lana and says ” I’m done” walking away leaving Lana breathless and embarrassed on the bed.

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