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CPL Wrestling - Newest Victim (720 HD) - Scissor

CPL Wrestling - Newest Victim (720 HD) - Scissor

So slave thought he had what it took to go one on one against Mistress. Well he was wrong, Mistress is ruthless when it comes to her victims, especially guys. She will inflict pain any way she can, and will love every second of doing so. slave was slightly intimidated as they began and he actually stepped back on the count of 3. Mistress struggled a bit as slave stands much taller than her, so she simply got him into a reverse headlock, and spun him around rapidly slamming him to the mats. slave lands with a thud, as Mistress gets him into a gr@pevine that made slave scream. she literally hovers over him face to face as she stretches his legs out with slave screaming in agony, she laughs in his face each time she does it. Mistress launches herself straight into a tight schoolgirl pin, ramming her crotch down into slave’s throat making it near impossible for him to breathe. Mistress decided she wanted to punish him in reverse, spins around, but slave fights back. As Mistress is thrown off balance, she latches her legs around his ribs in an unforgiving and extreme body scissor. slave yells out in pain, then Mistress switches to her other side and squeezes around his rib cage again. With slave being distracted from that horrendous body scissor, Mistress manhandles him until she gets him pinned in a reverse. Mistress then pushes her ass down into his throat and chin, driving all her weight into his face causing slave to tap multiple times. She then uses facesits, and her infamous reverse fig four smother to really bring on the pain. slave was suffering at the hands of his young mercenary. He manages to fight back but Mistress proved to be too strong and skilled for him as he is constantly tossed to the mats. Throughout the video she manhandles him, jumps on him, trash talks and much more. She uses a breast smother gr@pevine that makes slave squeal out in pain. She pins his arms high above his head and facesits him. slave tries to push her off, but Mistress slams his arms back to the mat and rams her crotch into his face crushing it. She scores two taps with a matchbook pin, and dishes out more facesitting before switching into reverse. Mistress gets in a few reverse facesits before locking his head in her seated reverse scissor smother combo. slave is in near panic mode now trying to escape. Mistress continues to hammer down with reverse facesits, then jumps back into forward. She mauls his face, then in an instant has him in another gr@pevine. This gr@pevine actually damages slave as he let out a hurling scream, Mistress laughed but didn’t care. She slams her tits down into his face smothering him again before mounting him in a tight schoolgirl pin. She works his skinny little arms over by grinding her shins down into them, pulling up on his arms. slave was done, and in some of the shots you can see that she cut his eye open. Mistress just toys with him until the very end where she just facesits him into literal submission, trash talking him. She poses victoriously over him yelling Mistress won flexing her chiseled arms muscles for the world to see. slave was left tattered and beaten on the mats beneath her.

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