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24 Jan, 2021

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23 Jan, 2021

Hello Emilek. You don't spam. All r...
emilek on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
19 Jan, 2021

Hey Garry! Sorry for that spam last...

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CPL Wrestling - The Ass Humiliatrix (720 HD) - Face Sitting

CPL Wrestling - The Ass Humiliatrix (720 HD) - Face Sitting

Mistress has gained some serious popularity over the years here, from her stellar mat wrestling, to her no filter mouth and language, to her downright cruelty to her opponents. She had a look on twitter and noticed the match with her beating Harley drew quite the attention. So she decided to use slave now as her ass victim and humiliate, degrade and verbally abuse him into sheer submission. Mistress starts out in reverse, and wants to give you “the viewer” front row seats to watch her ass smash slave’s face. There is nothing more satisfying for Mistress than to dominate over her opponents. She verbally bashes slave throughout the match calling him a loser, a bitch all the while rubbing, gyrating and shaking her ass in his face, smothering him. She tells him if he wants air, he has to smack her ass, and grab it hard. Sometimes she just completely ignored his taps, telling him to fight harder if he wants air. The smothering was so intense, slave was gasping so hard every time she let him have air, as she laughs at him. Mistress does full weight reverse smother squats, adding all her body weight directly onto his face. This whole match was non stop ass in the face smothering. Mistress was really making slave suffer in her ass, and of course she was enjoying every second of it. Near the end, she looks back at the camera and says who wants to see chad go out? The camera shakes up and down agreeing, yes put him out. Mistress sits back down hard on his face, and since slave had no fight left in him, he literally goes out. Mistress climbs off, kisses him on the cheek, then blows a kiss to her fans, saying good bye people!! Leaving slave out on the mats.

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