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Crushed By Danielle

glamworship There was a little man who lived in a shoe... He was punished by his wife for being disloyal and a curse was put on him that shrunk him down into a tiny little man. Now as his wife spends her time entertaining REAL MEN, the little man lives his live as a slave, to be forever tormented by his GIANT WIFE! She has just got back from a long, hard workout down the gym. She instructed her tiny slave to lick the sweat clean from her feet whilst she worked out. She takes off her sneakers and looks for the tiny slave. He's still alive (a fact that doesn't much concern her anymore) and eventually peeps his head over the back of her shoe. He gasps for fresh air and looks up nervously at his giant wife. His concerns are well met, as she is not impressed that her shoes have a strong foot stink. She orders him to IMMEDIATELY clean the insole of her shoe! The little man tries his best to clean up the shoe, but it is so big and such a strong smell he is unable to mask the aroma... snapshot Download
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