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Degrading Sock-Boy

Degrading Sock-Boy

So some loser actually contacted me through this site and wanted 2 buy my old, sweaty, used socks! LOL I couldn't believe it! So I made him pay me just 2 bow naked before me as I sat upon th3 Mean Girls throne. After some groveling and more tribute cash, I let him take my socks off my royal feet n stick those socks in his mouth while I describe in detail where I have been in those used socks, haha!

Oh, and since he likes those socks so much I make him start making out with the one in his left hand. Haha. What a faggot! haha! Then I make him suck that sock like a dick 4 my amusement! Keep going... Smelly Sock Sucking Faggot Loser.

Then for the grand finale, I tell him he gets to actually f one of socks! I wonder how does that feel? To be such a low life pervert that u actually PAY me just to kneel at my feet and BEG 2 fuck my used SOCK? (Oh, and afterward I make him CLEAN my sock with his MOUTH after he shoots his "worship puddle" into it! Haha!!! OMG slaves will do anything I say...I love it!)

-Princess Cindi

*(For those that want 2 "buy Our socks" and other used items or be a slave in Our videos- this slave did it correctly. He sent a deposit, showed up as directed, and PAID Princess Cindi whatever she demanded 4 her socks. For those ofou that contact Us begging 4 these kinds of things- learn from his example! If u do what WE say, u can get what u so desperately want. If not, then... u won't. lol.)

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Footworship, Young Mistress

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