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Domina Planet - Ass Eaters Unanimous III - Oral Servitude

Domina Planet - Ass Eaters Unanimous III - Oral Servitude
19 year-old Mistress Leda Lotharia and 22 year-old Princess Jane Rogers are demoting a slave from pussy slave to toilet. His cock is useless, so it has been placed in permanent chastity, and because he wasn't able to keep his average clitoral orgasm time (ACOT) to under 5 minutes on average, he will now become a receptacle for their bodily waste. But first, they must condition him to first tolerate and then LOVE the smell and taste of their assholes.

So the two young Dommes have both recently used their assholes, and walk in arm-in-arm in full regalia; Mistress Leda takes off Her Cruella DeVille jacket wearing a sexy black dress with Her ass completely open for easy-access and Her full tits with big, sexy, upturned nipples. Princess Jane is clad in a black PVC dress and top. Princess Jane explains:

"We're going to turn you into Mistress Leda's toilet slave, so get ready to worship some ass"

Mistress Leda adds as She mounts the slave's face:

"Yeah, I need you for cleaning my shithole and my filthy, slutty snatch!"

As She climbs atop the slave, with Her round young ass in his face, She blasts a fart directly into his nose, causing him to wail and gag in disgust. Princess Jane reaches around Her and grasps both firm ass cheeks in each hand. Prying them open to give the slave better access to Her anal canal, She instructs the slave on what to do:

"Put your nose in Her crack and take a deep, deep sniff, slave. A pig like you will drool at that smell"

He puts his nose in and smells, retching at the rank odor of Her unwashed anus. But there is no mercy, Princess Jane grasps the back of his head and pushes it into Her asscrack and his nose into Her open anus. She fucks his nose with Her asshole, back and forth, Her ass cheeks slamming into his cheeks:

"We're gonna make you a little fucktoy, your nose is bigger than your cock I think....now LICK Her asshole. Point your slave tongue and get it past the anal ring, deep inside to probe for morsels'. She has him first lick, then suck Her anus clean. Then Princess Jane, removing Her skirt, climbs atop the slave's face and Mistress Leda spreads Her perfect little ass and tiny asshole.

But with Her cheeks spread wide and the slave's tongue pointed and his cock and balls at their mercy, She pushes his tongue in deep, sucking and lapping away at the hole so that it starts to open to his ministrations like a flower. She starts to fuck his face with Her ass, slamming his face into Her ass and his tongue deeper and deeper into Her asshole, trying to seemingly get his entire head up Her ass as She slams down on his face and smosh him for multiple countdowns before he blacks out.

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