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Henrik on Danish Femdom - Miss sofies fantasies - Femdom
15 May, 2021

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Domina Planet - Be My Fart Licker - Farting

Domina Planet - Be My Fart Licker - Farting
Miss Ravyn Alexa is having what appears to be a normal session of ass worship and ass eating with Her slave. She has him secured on his back on a sofa, so that She may relax while sitting comfortably on his chest or face. She walks in wearing thigh-high black PVC stiletto boots, a skimpy pair of hip-hugging PVC zipper-crotch shorts, a black bandage top and announces that She has a surprise for him during today's session. 
She quickly straddles Her slave, positioning Her perfect ass in his face. She has him wearing a mobile camera on his head, to evaluate his performance and then grade and punish or (almost never) reward him accordingly. She unzips the shorts, revealing Her gorgeous, tan-colored round ass cheeks. She spreads Her amazing ass open, Her puckered brown starfish winking at him enticingly. He starts kissing the cheeks, working his way toward the hole. 
Finally, after he has taken some time warming Her ass up with kisses, She orders him:
"Slave, I want you to put the tip of your tongue on my sweet asshole and just hold it there for a second"
He snakes out the end of his pink pointed tongue, spearing Her delicate anus and it opens slightly, blossoming under his ministrations. But then She lets loose with a loud, wet blast of a fart into his face and onto his tongue. He screeches in disgust and starts gagging on the smell and taste. She pulls his leash hard from the other side, his head forward and down, directly into the crack of Her ass, bumping his nose up against Her soiled anus.
"Breathe it in, bitch! If you're going to be a full toilet for me in a couple of months, you need to learn to love the smell and taste of my farts. You will keep being conditioned this way until that happens"
He is crying and asking Her why he must do this but She doesn't bother repeating Herself - merely blasts him in the face with another, louder, thunderclap of a fart. She yells at him to lick it up, that some "extra gravy" may have come up with it.
"Lick that all up slave, you'll need to learn to love that taste and smell"
She keeps relentlessly pushing and pulling his head into Her beautiful ass, ensuring that he cannot escape and has no choice but to breathe in Her wet, stinking ass bombs deeply into his body. She makes him smell at least 4 farts before announcing:
"I think you've been cheating, slave. I can hear you breathing through your mouth, trying to avoid smelling your destiny, but I won't allow that to continue. I've come prepared to deal with that"
She pulls an inflatable penis gag out from under the sofa and pumps the slave's mouth up with it. He is to breathe loudly through it and so She farts directly into his nose at least 3 more times, but he can barely breathe as it is and just groans while thrashing around. But to no avail, he isn't able to escape any of them before She announces:
"Slave, I'm sorry to say that I'm out of farts for you, but I'll be back. Perhaps with something more...substantial?"
And She walks away, Her sexy ass jiggling as She goes.

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