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Domina Planet - Domina Diabla - My Sphincter Fan Club - Oral Servitude

Domina Planet - Domina Diabla - My Sphincter Fan Club - Oral Servitude
Domina Diabla has been training Her ass slave for a while now, and is into the advanced stages of ass slavery as She explains to this to Her slave. She has removed him from his cage and chained him on top of it, and has his head straddled between Her long legs, with Her magnificent ass menacingly above him. She wants Her slave to be in awe of Her ass; to love it and to fear it, to be hopelessly drawn to it like a moth to a flame but also to shrink in terror of displeasing it and incurring its wrath. 
She then spreads Her plump, tan cheeks with Her hands and plops Her asshole down onto the pig slave mouth, telling him:
"First lick gently around the anus, and open it up like a beautiful flower. Then you will point your tongue like a harpoon; pretend that you're deep-sea spear fishing!"
His tongue is working away, but She decides that oxygen is distracting him from his sacred duties. She moves back and smothers his nose, sitting down with and full weight to ensure there is no cheating. She warns him to keep the tongue probing deep, to look for candy.
"Slave, while you're down there since you can't breathe you might as well make yourself useful and see if you can find a chocolate easter egg in there somewhere"
She pulls up off the slave, who is breathing rapidly now, and then simply repeats the process. She give him air when it appears he may pass out, by simply lifting one of Her delicious ass cheeks up a few inches - just enough to let some oxygen come in and sustain the slave for another round. He is breathing frantically as She opens up an ass-window, only to slam it back shut just a second later. He has to suck in the air as fast as he can. She then starts counting down, and that is when his panic starts to set in and he is flailing and struggling, rattling his chains but of course to no avail. Diabla has zero concern and it shows - She calmly waits until he appears to weaken and shake, but give him less and less each time. Finally, but then end, it's not clear what state the slave is left in...but oh well, She can always get another one!
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