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Domina Planet - Empress Aria - Your Name Is Yoga Mat IV - Face Sitting & Smothering

Domina Planet - Empress Aria - Your Name Is Yoga Mat IV - Face Sitting & Smothering
The gorgeous, statuesque Miss Ravyn Alexa has recently graduated from Femdom University and is finding a myriad of uses for Her slaves. In order to maintain Her amazing figure, Miss Ravyn keeps in shape by practicing various dance routines, along with yoga and some calisthenics. She has already worked up a sweat at Her yoga class and is cooling down at home and wants to use Her slave as an extra cushion, and to suck up all the sweat that has dripped down Her luscious body and soaked Her pussy and asscrack with her sweet sweat.

She has the slave in bondage on a gym mat. Miss Ravyn is wearing just a skimpy black bra and a pair of white cut-off yoga pants. She tells him:

"Slave, since you're not really good for anything else, I'm going to use you as my exercise mat and sweat towel today. Don't move a fucking muscle or wobble during my workout, or else."

with her foot on his chest and immediately pivots around over his head? and starts doing squats, sitting down with Her full weight on His face and wiggling her perfect ass back-and-forth. The soaking wet crotch? Firmly planted over his mouth and nose?. When she lifts her ass from his face he can complains that it’s sweaty to which she just replies yes. She turns around and sits back on his face with her sweaty yoga pant covered pussy mashing it over his mouth and nose and rubbing back-and-forth again so hard you could hear the friction. She starts smooshing him for longer periods of time with her perfect assDoing stretches with her feet behind her so that his head is wedged even farther into her soaking wet crotch. She keeps humping his face while he smooshes obviously it turns her on and it just spurs her on to do it longer.
She Starts doing more elaborate stretches and poses that pushes his head and face deeper into her pussy and ass finally doing the splits then mashing his head in between both holes.

"How does it smell down there? I'm sooooo sweaty, so make sure to suck and lick up as much sweat as possible because you'll be sucking the crotch of my sweaty yoga pants clean anyway."

She laughs when he starts running out of air and struggling just giggling until she feels she can’t take anymore then she rises up just laughing some more only to clap back down onto his mouth and cut off his airways again?. He starts experimenting with different moves that he wants to show him which one seems to smoosh him even more. She finishes out with deep squats on the slaves distressed head, announcing that she needs a water break but will return shortly for more service from the slave.

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