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Domina Planet - Suffer Under Me Slave

Domina Planet - Suffer Under Me Slave
Stunning Diabla Domina is trying to teach Her Ass slave proper respect and reverence for Her ass. He already is made to clean it when it’s dirty or after She’s been using it, to worship it, etc, but She knows that the male slave must FEAR Her and Her ass, as strength and is the only thing She feels he will respect. He has to SUFFER for Her ass. She waltzes into the dungeon wearing a red-hot pair of gleaming black PVC patent pants, while the pathetic slave is chained down to a bondage table.She climbs atop the slave and tells him:
“You had better learn to breathe through my ass slave, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time sealed under it today. We’re going to start off with an easy 15 seconds but you’ll be getting up to 5 minutes soon”
She slams Her perfect, PVC covered ass onto the slave’s helpless face, completely obscuring his face and cutting off any hope of air coming from anywhere besides the gaps in Her zipper covered ass. She has Her heels behind the slave’s head, ensuring that She can push his head deeply into Her crotch. He starts to struggle slightly at about 12 seconds - he wasn’t ready - which really angers Her, so She starts cropping him viciously, leaving some visible red welts. He rolls around screaming like a sissy girl, which just makes Her want to shut him up, so She slams Her ass back down onto his mouth to shut the pig up. He screams into Her crotch, which just makes Her smile as She counts down again.
"I can't believe you're struggling at less than half a minute, slave! I don't care if you don't make it to 5 minutes. I can always find a new slave."
She starts cropping the slave in anger while She has his head pinned down. He struggles to roll around but obviously cannot do anything to stop the stinging rain of blows that Diabla peppers his slave body with. Finally, after a long count, She gets up and the slave appears to have lost consciousness.
"Oh well", She says.
Domina Planet - Suffer Under Me Slave
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