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Dunce Cap Foot Cam

Dunce Cap Foot Cam

A student is forced to wear a gimp mask as an EXTRA humiliating "dunce cap" by the meanest teacher in school- Miss Nina. A regular dunce cap isn't humiliating enough for this loser because he actually DARED to try 2 stand up to her! Miss Nina actually expects and demands that all male students to line up n literally bow down n KISS HER FEET upon her entering the classroom- every day! As a sign of obedience and worship of her beauty. And this asshole DARED to defy her and complain to the principal!! (NOTE: There is a camera attached to the "dunce cap" n the cam footage captured by it - giving u a first-person view as if YOU were the "dunce" being abused by Miss Nina in the video - will be available on Our other store, The Popular Girlz)

So Miss Nina is making an example of this lone male student that still tries to defy her dominance over every male student in school- and she decides to do it in front of the whole class. And he HAS to do it- or he`ll be flunked in her class and lose his scholarship 2 college. And this fool has learned that hard way that Miss Nina even has the principal wrapped around her little finger using her undeniable beauty- so he has nowhere 2 go. He HAS to let Miss Nina abuse him as much as she wants. He HAS to do whatever she says- even in front of his classmates who can be heard laughing at him in the background.

She makes him lick her shoes and kiss stocking feet while the class laughs hysterically at him. She makes him lick her shoes while she verbally humiliated him- totally getting off on her power over this 1 student who actually DARED 2 try to stand up to her! She is teaching him a real lesson now- in humility. Then she shoves her stocking feet in his mouth and makes him GAG on her used stockings. Lots of foot slapping in the face. Eventually her BARE feet come out of her stockings and shoes and her sweaty feet are shoved into his open mouth...

Keywords: FootWorship, Shoelicking

779 mb
12 min

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