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Erotic Tanya LJ - Wakey, wakey or I fart in your face - Farting

Erotic Tanya LJ - Wakey, wakey or I fart in your face - Farting

I got back from school after a long ride on the bus, together with my lame classmates, all just cause my stupid step-dad forgot to come pick me up! I am pretty fucking mad after having to ride together with those idiots, and he’s so gonna pay for it! But surprise, surprise! On top of being a freaking loser and not coming to pick me up, he’s also a.s.l.e.e.p in my bedroom! What a fucktard! He is so going to pay for this, and he will be paying dearly! Since he didn’t wake up after me calling him names and yelling at him, I came up with a much better way to wake him up: with my smelly farts! A face full of my farts should do it, isn’t that so? Yeah, that’s what I thought! But he seems to be enjoying it a little too much! What a freaking weirdo! I wonder if he will still be so happy with me sitting on his face and covering it with farts, once those really stinky, loud ones will come out! Or maybe I should just make him worship my ass and wrap his lips around my asshole to suck those farts out of it! What do you think?

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