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Ezada Sinn - Bootlicker in the doghouse - Shoe & Boot Worship

Ezada Sinn - Bootlicker in the doghouse - Shoe & Boot Worship #1 clip in category "BOOT DOMINATION" This male was in need of some basic behavior training as his submissive etiquette is severely lacking. Every slave must understand that he is to wait until given permission before beginning to kiss and worship My leather boots. I alone determine when he shall honor and satisfy Me by using his lips and tongue on My fine leathers. All it took with this ignorant male was nights chained naked in the doghouse. Such a marvelous difference that punishment did make on his subservient deportment. Now, he waits patiently till hearing My commands. Now, he worships My boots with more passion. Now, he licks up all his Goddess's spit off the boots and the carpeted dungeon floor. Finally the slave has manners. It seems I'm going to keep him naked in the doghouse forever.

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