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janatan on Young Goddess Kim - Used Abused Amused - Female Domination
12 Jan, 2021

Thanks :) it's really good stuff, Y...
Garry on Young Goddess Kim - Used Abused Amused - Female Domination
12 Jan, 2021

Hi. Fixed. Thanks you for request....
janatan on Young Goddess Kim - Used Abused Amused - Female Domination
12 Jan, 2021

Hi, any chance of reup please?...

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FuckedFeet - Miranda K's First Ever Shoot! - Foot Worship

FuckedFeet - Miranda K's First Ever Shoot! - Foot Worship

WOW!! My buddy and I stopped at a local establishment ( I won’t say which one, lol ) after a recent Phillies game and the hottest waitress in the place came up to our table. She took our order and then we started to talk more. Her name is Miranda K. She asked me what I did for a living and I told her. She was totally intrigued by it all as she knew nothing about foot fetishes. I asked her if she wanted to set up a shoot at my apartment in a couple days and she said ” definitely! “. She had done some modeling before but nothing fetish or adult. She does however have a kinky streak to her as she said she’d try anything once. I love her attitude! She is also JUST 18 YEARS OLD! She has size 6.5 feet and she gets pedicures all the time. She even got one the day of the shoot. Miranda’s feet are buttery soft and literally untouched! She never had her feet worshiped before, so this is a total first for her. In this clip, I have Miranda wear sneakers and no socks. I told her to wear them to my place so her feet would be sweaty and moist which they were. She then peeled them off to reveal very nice wrinkled soles. She then did a bunch of toe points, toe spreads and some toe wiggling. What’s great about Miranda is she has NEVER been seen on any foot fetish sites before and I love her innocent youthful enthusiasm. It’s so fun, natural and real. You better believe you are going to see plenty of this local girl! This is only the beginning. Next,it’s time to have her oil up her soles while in my kitchen. We still have more foot fun with Miranda as I hand her the bottle of oil and she squirts it all over her bare feet. See it drip down her soles and she rubs it in with her hands. She then holds up her feet so you can see how shiny her wrinkled soles areNow, for what you all have been waiting for! See 18 year old, Miranda and brand NEW GIRL in her very FIRST foot worship scene. Her feet are pristine and so soft as she just got a pedicure earlier that day. In fact, Miranda has never had her feet licked or had her toes sucked before. See me take off her sneakers. She is not wearing any socks as instructed and her feet are extremely sweaty. I then lick her sweaty feet and lick her wrinkled soles up an down. I suck each toe and lick in between them. She finds out rather quickly that she actually enjoys this. She then flips over int the Pose Position and I lick her feet that way. Next she flips over again and I lick her feet with her soles facing upward and I have her go up on her tippy toes and lick her arches. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

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