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Girls Next Door - Sheila Rock Joins Team Ballbuster - Ball Abuse

Girls Next Door - Sheila Rock Joins Team Ballbuster - Ball Abuse

WOW! Team BALLBUSTER has received an influx of women who are just aching for the chance to come tryout for us and prove that they are the ultimate Nut Crushing Bitch. Over the last few months especially there seems to be a competition going on between the Muscular Women of the net, and this Ballbusting craze is getting huge. We realized this more than ever when we received an email from Sheila Rock, who is an international body builder, and world renowned as one of the Top Session Girls in the world. Sheila is infamous for being in the top 5 Fitness Divas who love to show off their power, and Beat Up Boys! Even though Sheila has been featured in Scissorhold, and Lift and Carry clips before, she contacted us requesting a chance to join the team and fulfill her life long dream of unleashing her full power on a man’s weakest parts; his Testicles. Like many women, Sheila has racked the occasional a-hole at the bar, but she has worked hard to become one of the most muscular and sexy women out there, and she really wants to claim her spot at the top of the industry by leaving at least one or two me completely Castrated! This is the First Time Sheila has ever been featured in a Ballbusting clip, and she shows off her Superior Strength with 3 Sexy rounds of Nut Crushing fun: Round #1 – Kicking Balls: Sheila Kicks HARD and repeatedly as she aims to bring our victim to the ground. As always, we feature several sexy views, and replays as she tries to kick his Nads into his stomach. A POV camera really helps show off this woman incredible physique. She’s wearing a super skimpy pair of shorts, knee high socks, and a cut off tank top which can’t quite keep her ample tits covered. Her Quads, Hams, Glutes and Calves are displayed wonderfully as she ruins this guys chance of ever having sex again. Round #2 – Knees to the Nuts: Sheila wraps her powerful arms around his neck as she SLAMS Knee after Knee deep into this losers crotch. Many of the strikes lift him right off the ground, and it’s clear she really wants to see this guy in pain. Round #3 – Nut Stomping: OMG this Woman is Muscular, and sooooo Sexy! Her Leg muscles are just popping as she Grinds down with all her weight on our worthless man’s genitals. She pumps and grinds all her weight on him, and then grabs his ankles to execute the worlds strongest gaspedal. He is completely f$cked. She wants his Balls Crushed, and there’s nothing he can do to stop her. We can’t say enough great things about this woman. She looks amazing, she is one of the Strongest women to grace our studio, and after getting a taste of what we do, she LOVES BUSTING BALLS! If you ever have the balls to session with this Wonder Woman, be warned, you might not leave with your Balls intact!

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