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Garry on The English Mansion - Mistress Karina - Pimpstress' Trashy Whore - Complete Movie
30 Jun, 2022

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Pllkk on Sin Sisters - Single tail whipping exercise (Mistress Karino & Melisande Sin)
29 Jun, 2022

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Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Seducing The Dark Knight !

Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Seducing The Dark Knight !
Custom: Batman is sitting in JL headquarters, monitoring the computer. Wonder Woman struts into the room seductively. She is in the mood for some playtime and is looking for a male to be her slave. She eyes Batman like he is a piece of candy, licking her lips seductively. She tells Batman he is going to serve her every desire and demands the Bat get on his knees. Batman is shocked by her behavior and rejects her suggestion as Wonder Woman casually removes her lasso and wraps it around Batman. He immediately falls into a trance. Wonder Woman giggles and runs her hands over Batman's body. She tells him the magic lasso will now allow her to control him. Batman is Wonder Woman's personal sex slave. He loves to groveled at her feet and his greatest desire is to serve his Mistress. He lives to worship her body from head to toe. She giggles again and removes the lasso from around the Bat. "On your knees, slave!" She demands. Batman quickly falls to his knees. WW has the Bat kiss her boots and work his way up her legs until his face reaches her luscious ass. He proceeds to worship her amazing ass, licking and kissing every inch of her star spangled booty. She pulls down her panties and has the Bat bury his face deeper into her ass, kissing and licking her asshole as she moans with pleasure. "Shouldn't you be naked, Bat slave?" WW orders the Bat to strip, keeping his mask and cape on. WW demands to see his cock up close. She laughs and torments his swollen cock and balls. "This will never do. Let me show you what a real cock should look like." Wonder Woman puts on her strap on and starts waving it in front of Batman's face. She makes the Bat beg to take her cock into his mouth, teasing his lips and slapping his face with her meat. Finally she slips the cock into his mouth and laughs as he lovingly sucks her dick. She tells him what a good slave he is, and how pretty he looks with a cock in his mouth. WW gives him specific orders just how she likes her cock licked and sucked, and the Bat eagerly complies. Satisfied her cock is ready, she orders Batman to bend over and present his ass for fucking. The Bat bends over and begs Wonder Woman to fuck him in the ass. WW loves to hear him beg for her cock while she slaps his ass with her strap on. Finally she slides her cock into the Dark Knight's ass. She loves how hungry his ass is for her cock. The big tough hero is her bitch, moaning with pleasure as she starts fucking his ass. She tells Batman what a good fuck he is. She taunts him about what the other heroes would think if they knew how much he loved being ass ****. And what might happen if he were ever Stole by Catwoman, Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman starts to get jealous at the thought of this and pounds him harder, making sure he knows that Wonder Woman owns his ass. And he'd better not let any of those bitches ever have a piece of it. Now the Goddess is hornier than ever and she orders the Bat to lie on the floor and mounts his face, demanding he lick her pussy or she will snap his neck between her powerful thighs. The Bat greedily licks her clit while she grinds against his face, barely letting him breath. She stops long enough to tease him and laughs as he desperately begs for more of her pussy. She finally lowers her pussy back onto his face. Wonder Woman warns Batman that she needs to cum and she will not get off of his face until she does. Either she cums or he ****, so he better do a good job. She grinds harder and harder against the helpless Bat's face until she covers his face with her Goddess juices. She tells Batman how pretty he looks with her cum all over his face. Batman thanks his Mistress for the gift of her cum. WW puts her lasso back around the Bat and tells him to go clean himself up and then return to the Batcave, forgetting what just happened. She removes the lasso and Batman leaves in a daze. WW sits back in a chair and starts playing with herself, basking in the glow of her sexual triumph. But she is wants more. She picks up a signal device " Superman, report to Justice League Headquarters immediately for a 'special' assignment". She laughs to herself at the thought of fucking her next victim.
Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Seducing The Dark Knight !
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