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Garry on Chicks VS Balls - Kara and Lacey - Get The Balls - Ball Abuse
13 Jun, 2021

Hello Emilek. Unfortunately, I can'...
emilek on Chicks VS Balls - Kara and Lacey - Get The Balls - Ball Abuse
13 Jun, 2021

Hey Garry, do you still have this c...
Mnaha on Having Fun Humbling My Puppy - Foot Worship
12 Jun, 2021

Hello, when will you upload new lex...
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Goddess Jessica - Cum Stained Shirt

Goddess Jessica Jessica has been trying to convince her husband to exercise a little more so he has been scheduling workouts with his friend once a week. He is unaware that she has been seeing her husbands friend behind his back on occasion. He likes her feet a lot and really knows how to give her the best foot massages. Her husband friend shows up to pick up Jessica’s husband for their weekly workout and he wasn’t ready to go. He needed to change into his workout cloths. While he was in the other room looking for his workout cloths, his friend sits down next to Jessica and she props her feet up on his lap. He comments immediately on her recent pedicure and doesn’t hesitate to start rubbing her feet. It doesn’t take long and he’s got an erection that cannot be ignored. Her husband calls out to Jessica claiming he can’t find his workout cloths. She sends him on a wild goose chase to give her enough time to jerk off his friend with her feet. She starts pumping away at his hard cock. Just as he came on her soft milky white feet, her husband calls out to her that his shirt must be in the living room because he can’t find it anywhere. Quickly the friend grabs the shirt that was left on the back of the couch and cleans up the mess. When Jessica’s husband enters the room, it became apparent that the shirt they cleaned up her cum soaked soles with, was the very shirt he was looking for. Jessica hands it to her husband. He puts it on and tells his friend he is finally ready to go do this workout. Jessica gives her husband a hug goodbye as she notices the back of his shirt is covered with the load his best friend just released from her feet. Goddess Jessica wmv 1280*720 439 mb 10 min Download Part 1 Download Part 2
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