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Goddess Rea - Local Slave - FULL MOVIE - Foot Worship

Goddess Rea - Local Slave - FULL MOVIE - Foot Worship

You know I travel a lot and of course I organize my travels properly. I post my next destination and I receive applications from the local slaves and every time I choose one or more to serve me during my stay. Maybe you will be my slave in one of my next trips! I have a great apartment in the middle of the city and I wait for the slave of my choice, a virgin 21-years old that he never had a Mistress! Young Virgin Slave Testing And Training When he arrives he is so shy, I ask him some questions and I let him kiss my feet and hands. But I remind him that he is here for me, so I send him to wash my dishes and my clothes and clean my bedroom. I check him occasionaly and I tease him or dominate him, enjoying so much his reactions, he is shacking next to me! Training My Virgin Footslave My new young slave did all the housework and he deserves a reward. I call him and I command him to worship my feet, as I cover his face under them and guide him how to worship them properly. I get a little more dominant with him and I laugh with the fear on his eyes and I push him on the floor and make him worship my feet harder. Finally I cannot resist and I start to footsmother him, his face turns red so fast! Smoking On The Balcony With My Slave As Footstool The first tests of my new slave were funny, he really loses his mind next to me! I put a belt as a collar to him and take him out to the balcony and command him to be my footstool. I relax my long legs on his back and I smoke as I flash my sexy big feet on your face! Hand Puppet PART1: Hand Worship And Domination My new slave has so funny face, it looks so elastic! I command him to worship my sexy hands, suck my long fingers and I get in the mood for some fun. I make him worship my hands and I dominate him and humiliate him in funny ways with my hands on his face. His expressions are so funny and when I ask him something, he is full of stress! I like to have this young slave under my hands as my puppet! Hand Puppet PART2: Hand Over Mouth Smother Training I excuse my virgin slave for his softness, he is fresh still. But I must test his limits and train him and one of the most important for the femdom games I like is to keep his breath for long. I start to smother him with my hands over his face and he is getting red and scared. My hands block his breath until I feel he cannot take it anymore and with the time he gets better. When he looks at me full of desperation, I get hard with him and he is again soft for my hands to play! Worship My Feet At The Bed PART1: Foot Worship And Face As Footstool Is time for my relax before meeting my girlfriends for a cocktail and I lay on the bed with my chubby slave at my feet. I use his face as my footstool and I massage my soles all over it, it is so soft, like a plastic mask! I command him to worship my feet, while I ignore him and make some selfies alone or with himm. He is devoted to my feet, I can give it to him. Worship My Feet At The Bed PART2: Reverse Sole Licking And Foot Massage On Face I have to schedule my week and I take my favorite position on the bed for this, with my new slave at my feet. My soles are the best dish for him as they face up to him and he licks them all over with his little tongue! I smother him a little pressing my soles on his face and I make him suck my toes. Is time to go out and I send him to kneel at the corner and stay there until I come back. When I return he is still there and he will spend the night there. This is your life if you want to be my slave, can you take it?

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