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Humiliation POV - Princess Mabel’s Stupid Spit Covered Human ATM - Findom

Humiliation POV - Princess Mabel’s Stupid Spit Covered Human ATM - Findom
It was Princess Mabel's birthday so this lucky loser took Princess Mabel shopping, on his laptop, lol. Even though it was her birthday, my slave got lots of presents. He got to have Princess Mabel straddle him, spit on him, and drain his bank account, lol. Isn't he lucky? She climbed on top of him and logged into his Amazon account and began shopping. And each time she bought something, she spit in his face to show her contempt for him, he's just a stupid pay pig.

She drenched his face in spit as she racked up a $2,800 bill on his account. She bought shoes, lingerie, pocketbooks… as she shopped, he begged her to buy more as she reminded him how lucky he was to be spit on and wallet drained. So many other losers would love to be in his place.

Then she bought some sexy outfits to make him even weaker for her. The more she spent, the more she spit on him, the hornier he got. And then his brain shut down and he begged uncontrollably for her to buy more. She told him to open his mouth and she dripped spit into his mouth and made him swallow it. He thanked her and admitted hovw much this was turning him on. So she took full advantage and bought even more things! What a great birthday this was turning out to be for her.

He was her personal spittoon and atm and he loved every second of it. And Princess Mabel got to sit there, and shop, and ignore him and spit on him and spend all of his money, lol. She loves maxing out his credit cards.

He was so horny by now and begged to touch his cock but Princess Mabel wouldn't let him, lol. She was just going to spend all his money and then leave him there, hard and horny, covered in spit with an empty wallet! He's just a stupid human atm, he doesn't need to think, he just needs to hand over his wallet, that's all he's good for. What a good little pay piggy. When she showed him the total at the end he almost shot his load in his pants without even touching his cock! LOL!

- Princess Mabel!

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