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Henrik on Danish Femdom - Miss sofies fantasies - Femdom
15 May, 2021

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Jasmine Mendez Latinass Locas - Cowgirl Jean Facesitting! (720 HD) - Face Sitting & Smothering

Jasmine Mendez Latinass Locas - Cowgirl Jean Facesitting! (720 HD) - Face Sitting & Smothering
Custom: You have returned home from your horse riding lesson (you are wearing light coloured denim jeans and the long back boots with heels) and are feeling really pumped up over the feeling of control you had while sitting on the horse! Your step-brother is home and you feel that you need to continue to sit on and control something so your step-brother has gets volunteered! You tell him to lie on his stomach on the floor. You straddle his back and bounce your ass on his back as if riding a horse. This proves not very comfortable so you turn him on his back and ride his stomach in the same way. This is more comfortable but you start to like the feeling of power and control you have over him so you bounce up to sit on his chest and pin his arms. You tell him you are starting to like sitting on him and that you like the feeling of him squashing under your ass! You wonder what his face would feel like squashing under your jean clad ass. You ask him if you should sit on your face. He says kn ow. you remind him that you are sat on top of him and have him totally pinned so he has no choice. You move up to sit on his face. You like it a lot so move to the squatting position which you remain in for a little while. you move back to sit on his neck and ask how he likes you sitting on his face. he is a bit short of breath and does not answer but you notice that you jeans leave a mark on his face so you decide to sit on his face in lots of other positions to see how red you can get his face under your jeans. You are really enjoying facesitting and decide that the horse riding sessions will be replaced with face sitting sessions. near the end you get him to beg to sit on his face some more which you do until he . You tell him that you really enjoyed sitting on his face & you will be doing it again tomorrow before getting off him and walking out.

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