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Magic Foot Spray

Magic Foot Spray

Princess Cindi found a magic spray that will turn any pervy "LEG and ASS" lover in 2 a total "Foot Fetish Loser"!

This loser starts off just staring at my gorgeous legs like a dogg, its nose just inches away...Then after a few sprays from my "magic bottle" n a few sniffs of my magically "perfumed" he HAS 2 bow his head to the ground and just worship at my feet! He literally cannot control it at this point. No matter HOW much he loved my legs n ass... now all he wants is my FEET! Haha! I have this, so called, "Leg Man" groveling at my FEET- which is EXACTLY how I LIKE it! I don't like losers ogling me and staring at my ass n legs. I want ALL MEN bowing down and groveling at my FEET- where they BELONG!

Then I literally cut his clothes off with scissors just to HUMILIATE him even MORE. Haha! He is like COMPLETELY helpless now. That spray has completely taken over his weak male brain LOL.

After that he gets the full foot treatment. My stockinged feet in the mouth, bare feet in his mouth n then... I take my used stockings and just stuff them right in his mouth n rest my feet on his fucking FACE!

Now THIS is more like it! The bitch has my sweaty, spray-soaked nylons actually SOAKING in his mouth now while I use his FACE as nothing more than a FOOTREST like the royalty I`m! And that magic spray is going 2 get absorbed directly through his mouth, tongue, and he's going 2 actually be SWALLOWING it right down his THROAT while I sit there n laugh- and that is going to make its effects PERMANENT! Haha! He is going to be a pathetic foot-addicted loser 4 LIFE!

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Humiliation, Fetish

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