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emilek on Goddess Slaverna - Session 13 - Whipping and Caning
24 Jan, 2021

Thank you for all of these updates!...
Garry on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
23 Jan, 2021

Hello Emilek. You don't spam. All r...
emilek on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
19 Jan, 2021

Hey Garry! Sorry for that spam last...

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Milking Our stable - Ruined Orgasm

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Milking Our stable - Ruined Orgasm

The Mistress Boudoir Diaries presents its newest clip …. Milking Our stable! The monthly milking is upon us! Once a month our best behaved submissives are invited to the Boudoir for a special milking ceremony. slave flash is locked in chastity and tied speed eagled on the bed, another two slaves are brought in for the festivities. Myself, Mistress Marks and Mistress Inka have dressed for the occasion in silk lingerie, fully fashioned nylons and heels. flash is tormented in his confinmet with a doxy wand as We turn our attention to the mouse and the stallion. One huge cock, one tiny…….. Mistress Marks and Mistress Inka have their cocks throbbing in seconds edging the whimpering male creatures into ecstasy, a place they are not familiar with. flash moans in pain can be hear as his appendage his desperately tryout to escape its cage. The mouses cries are muffled by Mistress Marks leather gloves as they become louder and She allows his orgasm to be released into a glass. The stallion is shaking as his spunk is released by Mistress Inkas expert hand and drips copiously into the glass. I have flash squirming in pain as the vibrations and visions of such beautiful Mistresses have him close to the edge in his chastity cage. I allow him his release whilst locked and the agony is apparent as the cum desperately squirts out in a ruined orgasms mixed with painful cries. I catch it in the cum filled glass…… but what to do with it. flash looks tired and thirsty after his exertions so I caringly rectify that for him…… down it goes! Three lots of slave spunk as a tasty treat!!!!

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